I went to Malaysia and now I am sad forever

Till I go back, that is.

Not too far East to be considered as an ancient folk tale, but I did find my own kind of treasure in the hot and sweaty lanes of George Town, Penang. Most of what I love in this world can be found in one piping hot bowl of laksa in Malaysia. I have been feeling a sense of incompletion since my return, and cannot fathom a life where I don’t visit Malaysia again to simply sustain myself on their food.

And while I say much of the same about other places I visit, I feel my sense of culinary experience and devoted affection to it can be captioned in two timelines, pre-Malaysia and post-Malaysia. But I write this heartbroken, longing for that flavour, longing for the mess of a bowl, the uncertainty of what I am eating but pure blissful pleasure that comes from the taste alone.

I have romanticised my adoration to the food from Malaysia exceptionally well, and perhaps it was a coping mechanism that required for me to go through all my travel videos, collect my favourite moments and stitch them all together. This video is my love letter to the food of Malaysia. I think the Malaysian government should see this and consider giving me an easy-going VISA. My love is pure, just like my appetite. My passport, however, is Indian, which is another word for ‘inconvenient’.

If you like it, share it, someone out there thinking of a next trip might just need this nudge to choose Malaysia. Else it’ll just build an appetite for dinner.

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